Steve Jackson's Ogre®

i've been playing Steve Jackson's Ogre, and its sister game GEV, since Christmas break of 1988, and i've owned several different editions of both games. It is the only game/franchise in my collection which has survived all of my relocations since that time, and it holds a special place in my games collection. Despite it being a two-player game, and not having anyone to play it with, i still keep up to date with the game's materials, create fan-made content for it, and manage to play solo scenarios from time to time.

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Ogre Resources...

  • The Build Your Own Ogre tool, hosted on this site since 2009, was reimplemented and modernized as part of the site's relaunch in late 2018.
  • The MOOSE solo-play system provides a rich set of "AI" rules with which to automate the Ogre in the core game's Basic and Advanced scenarios. Feedback for this system has been surprisingly positive.
  • Ogre Map Construction Kit - an SVG template for creating Ogre-compatible maps at any scale.
  • My public Ogre GDrive folder, containing a variety of bits and pieces for the game.
  • CRT dice labels - SVG-format labels for creating CRT dice.

Ogre is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.