Site News

Once in a blue moon, something actually does happen on this site. This page contains short descriptions of significant changes, e.g. new content available. The entries below are sorted from newest to oldest.

February 2013:

Added yet more ships to the spaceship counters set, bringing the total to over 160 counters.

April 2012:

Added some more ships to the spaceship counters set.

8 Dec 2010:

Published a new article, Doing OO in C, about, well, doing OO in C.

2 February 2010:

Added a new set of custom spaceship gaming counters, in SVG format.

21 July 2009:

Build Your Own Ogre is back...

June 2009:

The whefs embedded filesystem code has matured to a usable point and has been migrated to

1 March 2009:

New code: sqlite3 bindings for Google's v8 JavaScript engine

27 Dec 2008:

The past few months i've been hacking away on tons of C code, all of which has been released via a generic i/o library, a PEG parser generator, and an embedded/virtual filesystem library. And yet another new piece of code, c11n is a generic serialization library for C.

4 June 2008:

And yet another new piece of code, QBoard is a Qt4 application for playing boardgames on the computer.

29 May 2008:

We've got a new library: parsepp, a C++ parser generator toolkit compatible with current C++ compilers (as opposed to C++0x, as in the previous news item).

12 May 2008:

We've got a new library: parse0x, a C++0x parser generator toolkit.

10 November 2007:

We've got a new library: ptsigslot, a signals and slots library for C++.

16 September 2007:

There have been many relatively minor changes to the site since the last News entry, including a complete revamp of the color scheme. Today's change is the addition of tools for generating random words, which are mostly useful for gamers to assist in generating names of characters, planets, cities, etc.

20 July 2007:

i got a Sony PSP today and have started posting reviews of the games on the PSP page.

16 July 2007:

The past few weeks the site has gotten a number of additions, mostly in the JavaScript section. There's also a prototype of a JavaScript-based boardgame prototyping interface. i also got tired of the brown color theme, so it's gone.

25 June 2007:

A new stories page has been added.

6 June 2007:

i have forked a copy of the O'Reilly book Managing Projects with GNU Make, Third Edition and placed it on the Make page. This is an expanded (and expanding) version of the book published in 2004.

4 June 2007:

Some years ago i dropped this domain because i got, on average, 300-400 spam mails per day on my mail account and because the web hoster didn't provide the tools (or drive space) i needed to host a decent site. Now, after several years of being offline, the domain has moved to a new hoster and is once again alive and kicking. The most significant addition to the site is the free gaming maps, which i have never before been able to host online in their entirety due to space and bandwidth limitations. Another notable entry is the collection of OS images for QEMU, which are a rare find on the net because they are so large that most sites don't want to waste the space and bandwidth on them. (and which my provider forced me to take offline for in May, 2009)